Monday, July 6, 2009

Final totals, etc.!

Hi ladies,

I'm so, so sorry to be doing this so late! It has been one busy week with family in town and craziness involved with that and baby's schedule being off and lots of stuff going on at home.

SOoooooooooooooo, our winner is:

KADYB!! Good job, mamacita! Kadyb ended up with 396 points.

Jen, I think you were missing one of the weeks. But you came in second at 283. --> with the 71 from the week missed, your total is 354. :)

And Kimbooly, your total was 169.

Kaje is getting ready to get married in a couple weeks, and EF has been super busy as well, so if y'all want to update me with totals, I'll get you your prizes as well.

So Jen and Kimbooly, I need your shipping addresses to get you your prizes. Please email me with that info, and your favorite colors.

Mom, we should just go fabric shopping for yours. haha.


  1. Oh, yeah, that will be cheap, I'm sure. :)

  2. it could be. We only need two fat quarters.

  3. How many fat quarters do you have to buy before you have just the "right" two fat quarters? In my experience, it's >2. Many more. :)

  4. Hey, I got off cheap. Only $65. :)

  5. hehehe. :) thanks again for the shopping. I may be down soon -- I'll call in a minute.

  6. I *won* something? I was so sure I didn't, as I started out strong and finish w-e-a-k, that I never even checked the site for the totals until today!

    I'll give you my address, but I'll also be in UT in about 3 weeks, and can just drive by and pick it up, or you can drop it off at 4450 n 350 e (or is it the other way around, 350 e 4450 n?) provo, where Rob's parents live, close to Timp high school. ; )