Monday, July 6, 2009

Final totals, etc.!

Hi ladies,

I'm so, so sorry to be doing this so late! It has been one busy week with family in town and craziness involved with that and baby's schedule being off and lots of stuff going on at home.

SOoooooooooooooo, our winner is:

KADYB!! Good job, mamacita! Kadyb ended up with 396 points.

Jen, I think you were missing one of the weeks. But you came in second at 283. --> with the 71 from the week missed, your total is 354. :)

And Kimbooly, your total was 169.

Kaje is getting ready to get married in a couple weeks, and EF has been super busy as well, so if y'all want to update me with totals, I'll get you your prizes as well.

So Jen and Kimbooly, I need your shipping addresses to get you your prizes. Please email me with that info, and your favorite colors.

Mom, we should just go fabric shopping for yours. haha.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

kadyb week5 summary

Wow, here we are at the end of our challenge!

My week was difficult, since I was trying to wrap things up at work in preparation for taking 10 weeks off, and at the same time, I was trying to prepare our family for my taking 10 weeks off... We got some great veggies from our farm share bag, and we enjoyed those for a few days.

So here are my results:
Tuesday - 13 pts
Wednesday - 13 pts
Thursday - 13 pts
Friday - 13 pts
Saturday - 0 pts
Sunday - 1 pt
Monday - 2 pts

Saturday we started out on our big adventure, and as I've realized before, it is really hard to be wheat-free or to find very many veggies when you're on the road. I was supposed to put some veggies in the ice chest, but I forgot them. So I was a failure on Saturday, unless the pickles in the tartar sauce count as a veggie. :)

Extra points: 15 for the challenge

Total for the week: 70

Hope you all have a great summer - keep up the good work!

jen bryner

ack! it's over :( well, the last week's points were 80 (woohoo!) should there be 4 or 5?? i feel like i missed a week. that would bite. on a high note, i was able to get out and run finally today! i'm so excited about that. no pain from shin splints yet. i only did a mile because i didn't want to push it. hopefully i can get back to it for the 5K in august!

Final day ladies!

I know it's been tough, but I know we've all made better choices overall than we had previously. And that's what's important, right?

I need your updated points today, please. If y'all want, I'd be willing to start another one in August. July will be too hectic for me ... as has much of June with sick family, but August should be a tad smoother.

Hugs and loves!


Kimbooly Week 5 (already??) Update

It was a tough week, but my affirmation is, "Slow and steady wins the race." It really is. I actually have a second one, which is, "Healthiness done imperfectly still blesses my body," so I don't get discouraged about the downslides.

This has been a GREAT challenge, and I'm going to continue it.

Tues--2 pts
Wed--13 pts
Thurs--2 pts
Friday--13 pts
Saturday--13 pts
Sunday--1 pt
Monday--2 pts

I think I've posted 3 times this week, but maybe not? I've said the affirmations to myself as well.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Final Week Challenge

This week is all about positive affirmation. Maybe we should've done this in the beginning, but I think it will be beneficial.

One of the things I struggle with in life, especially in my ward in Land of the Barbies, is feeling good about myself. Self-esteem issues abound. But y'know, I know I'm a good person. Not to be stuck up or anything, but I do know that I'm pretty. And I know that my inside matters more than my outside, but I'd like my outside to be healthy.

I want you to write a positive, uplifting sentence about yourself and say it to yourself every day. It doesn't have to be long. It doesn't have to be complicated. Heck, you can take a page from Stuart Smalley and say, "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and gosh darn it, people like me!"

Or not.

Try and keep it phrased in a positive way. Like, "I am smart and beautiful and strong." Or, "I am improving my health and well-being." NOT, "I'm not the brightest bulb in the box, but I do okay, and I'm no dogface ... but I don't wanna be fat anymore." Make sense?

You don't have to share your affirmation here with the class, but please write it down. On paper. With a pen or pencil.

Baby crying. gotta go. Good luck!

I'm a slacker!

I've been doing okay with my goals, just not posting here. We've had a very busy, hectic, sad, crazy, sick week. Thanks, mom, for being such a good cheerleader!

Points to date: (If you think you should have more, please let me know!!)
Dawn: 50+???
Jen: 203
Kadyb: 326
Kaje: 204+?
Kimbooly: 108
Stewie: 200

From week 3, I got 59 points + veggies goal = 74. From week 3, we had fast food twice (bah). We did try to get out as a family and ended up running through a rain storm from the car to a movie instead. lol. I'm not counting it for the points, but at least we all got together. I've been not so good about my snacking late at night again, so I only got 22 points for week 4.

kadyb week4 summary

Thank goodness for second (or third, or fourth) chances! I hope you don't give up on yourselves if you mess up one day. Be patient with yourselves!

Here's my report for the week:
Tuesday - 13 pts
Wednesday - 13 pts
Thursday - 13 pts
Friday - 13 pts
Saturday - 13 pts
Sunday - 2 pts (Why is Sunday such a challenge? When you spend 3+ hours at church and then go visiting a neighbor (too far to walk), it always seems like something falls by the wayside. Like exercise. There should be a separate category with bonus points for developing sitting muscles...)
Monday - 13 pts


And I did get outside for a few minutes with the dog and the hubbers - 15 pts

Total for the week: 95

Ladies, we have just 1 week left on this challenge. I hope you're all able to meet your goals for the week. Hang in there!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Kimbooly--Working on Week 4, updated

Tues-0 pts
Wed- 0 pts
Thurs- 1 pt! I was easy on the sweets!
Friday- 13 pts! I think I was a little over on the sweets, but not by much, but I didn't eat after 9 pm, and I was in bed by 9:30. But even though I didn't meet the low-on-the-sweets goal, I exercised today, one of my original goals, so I'm still giving myself the third point! I walked to the park and back w/ my kids in the morning (1 mile round-trip), AND I swam the length of the pool twice in the afternoon. Woot! I'm feeling better pregnancy-wise, and it's the first time I've exercised since I was crampy. Feels good, though I'm taking it easy.
Saturday- 2 pts
Didn't eat after 9, walked 1/2 mile, but had mucho sweets at a grad party, and went to bed at 10:30
Sunday-2 pts
Only 2 servings sweets, didn't eat after 9, but didn't make it to bed until 10:30 again even though I was really trying!
Monday-1 pt
Had only 2 servings sweets, but ate after 9 pm on accident, and didn't quite make it to bed by 10, which caused me not to be able to sleep, and I was up until 1:30 trying to fall asleep. Ugh.

But we did go to a grad party Saturday as a family, which was rough to organize; My hubby went to work 20 min. in to the party. But at least he came and we enjoyed.

Friday, June 19, 2009

jen bryner week 3

for some reason i am having a SUPER hard time remembering to check the site and post stuff!! so i added it to my google page and VOILA! instant reminder. so, week 3 pretty much sucked as far as points go...if i have added them all correctly, my total is...51. i haven't been able to exercise much because of my dang shin splints. they still won't go away! i can't run!!! lame. thanks to all of you for being an inspiration to keep going :)