Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Kimbooly Week 5 (already??) Update

It was a tough week, but my affirmation is, "Slow and steady wins the race." It really is. I actually have a second one, which is, "Healthiness done imperfectly still blesses my body," so I don't get discouraged about the downslides.

This has been a GREAT challenge, and I'm going to continue it.

Tues--2 pts
Wed--13 pts
Thurs--2 pts
Friday--13 pts
Saturday--13 pts
Sunday--1 pt
Monday--2 pts

I think I've posted 3 times this week, but maybe not? I've said the affirmations to myself as well.

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  1. ps. I also tried a new recipe this week! I didn't think it turned out that great (apricot glazed chicken from Dr. Phil), but I also tried some mashed potatoes that went with it (no gravy, no butter), and I liked 'em! They were supposed to made with fresh rosemary, but I don't like that, so I put in terragon instead, and liked it.