Sunday, June 7, 2009

Kimbooly's Week 2 results

Tuesday-- 13 pts
GREAT exercise; walked at least 30-40 min.
Plenty of water (even though that's last week's goal)
No food after nine (this has proved to be a great goal!)
30 crunches

Wednesday--13 pts
Started cramping Mon. and Tues, completely backed off of walking/crunches.
Decided on new goals, and met them all: Only one serving sweets after lunch and after dinner. Really hard to do.
No food after nine.
In bed by 10.

Thursday-- 13 pts
Only had one serving sweets the whole day! (Ahem. I did eat out that day for lunch, though, so not sure I did much good staying low on sweets since I had greasy food instead)
No food past nine (it's amazing how I look at the clock, and I've sort of been craving something, but realize I'm not actually hungry, and I overcome the temptation because of the time)
In bed by 10 (yay, this is a good goal too!)

Friday-- 1 pt
Went to bed by 10 pm.
About 9 pm, munched on some hot tamales and didn't keep it to one serving.

Saturday--2 pts
Very low on the sweets, I think I had half a package of starbursts the whole day. Pretty amazing for me. But I also had theater popcorn, so definitely not sure I'm gaining a ton health-wise. But psychologically I'm very proud of myself for keeping tabs on my sweets, as I'm a gal who can easily eat a whole bag of miniature candybars in a day without thinking, or 25 red vines in a day.
Saw family that was visiting, and ended up eating a very late dinner afterwards, about 9:15 pm.
But I promise I was still in bed by 10 (being pregnant and exhausted sure helps me w/ this goal)!

(Will post Sun and Mon in the comments section)


  1. I had no idea you were pregnant!! Congrats! How far along are you?

  2. 10 weeks yesterday! We've been trying for a looooooong time, so it's exciting to be expecting! Crossing our fingers for a girl, but certainly not holding out for one.

    Ok, Sunday and Monday--
    Sunday--ate whole wheat waffles for dinner and green beens, had 2 servings veggies, yay! Bed on time, and NO snacks the ENTIRE day (that's how I fast when I'm pregnant, and it's harder than normal fasting IMO). No food after 8 pm, and in bed by 10 pm. Nice! 13 pts.

    Mon-Also only one treat that day, was in bed on time, and didn't eat past 9. Woohoo, 13 pts!

    I did make a new recipe, but didn't get to it until Wed. I hope you'll count my pts anyway because it's pretty monumental that I even tried a new recipe. I meant to make it Monday night but too much happened.

  3. ps--Stewbert, you have me at 90 pts, remind me how I got there? I'm counting
    five 13 point days, a 2 pt & 1 pt day,
    the new recipe (15 pts?)
    i definitely post 3 times a week (10 pts? I forget?)

    So I might not be up to 90 pts. Maybe I should go re-read the rules, lol!