Friday, June 5, 2009

kadyb 6/5/2009

Progress this week: things are going much better than last week. Since I added my alternate goal Tuesday, I've been able to get at least 3 goals done every day. Woohoo! I'm really glad I added the goal about being wheat-free. I'm really sensitive to wheat, but every once in awhile I think it would be OK to have a little. Before I know it, I end up eating some every day, and within days, my digestive system is in rebellion, and I'm hating life.

This week, I have been wheat-free every day. In fact, Wednesday afternoon I really wanted a snickerdoodle, and I talked myself out of it. I stopped to think about my goal, and then I moved to the realization that I might enjoy it when I ate it, but I'd be sorry later. Everything goes a lot more smoothly when my stomach isn't hurting all the time!

Yahoo! Well, I'm still thinking about my healthy recipe, but I thought I'd better post so I have a chance of getting my 3 posts in for the week.

Hope you all are making good progress this week!


  1. Good job! So proud of you for staying wheat free this week. :) I know that can be quite difficult. WOOOOOOOO!

  2. Dad tried to give me chicken noodle soup for lunch today. I rejected it, of course. :)