Friday, June 12, 2009


Hello ladies! How has your week been so far? I know my mom isn't feeling too well, so she hasn't asked much about my posting or not today. Let's all send kadyb happy thoughts to feel better.

I did splash in puddles the other day with the kids, at least for a minute. It was pretty cold and the baby doesn't love rain, so we didn't stay out long. And we went for a walk yesterday, even though the shins started burning so I cut it shorter than we used to go. I'll get them outside today after the landscapers are done. I still think it's all progress on this journey, because I'm *doing* things I hadn't done before, even if it's not as long as I want or expected of myself.

Sometimes I think we beat ourselves up and give up on goals because we didn't do something perfectly. If there's one thing I hope we can all take from this is that baby steps are still progress, even if it takes longer to reach the end result we want. As it is, the journey to good health won't happen overnight or even during this challenge. This is just a kick start, some motivation for all of us.

Not that I did it on purpose, but last week was a pretty big FAIL for me. But I've picked myself off, dusted myself off, and am going strong this week. And this challenge is helping me stay motivated.

It's so helpful to remember the goals I've set for myself here. I was feeling "munchy" last night, but it was after 10 so I didn't eat anything. This morning, I didn't feel bloaty or anything like I do when I *do* eat after 10. So yay!

I am looking forward to making good eating choices this weekend and making it a better weekend than I usually have. I hope you all make great weekends for yourselves, too!

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  1. I completely agree w/ the perfection thing; it matters that we're trying, and don't give up when we fail (which I ALSO did this week! A lot, I'm afraid!)

    I'm extremely proud that I made a new recipe Wed. night, even though it was two days after that challenge had ended. And it made me look at more recipes that I'm willing to try from the Dr. Phil Cookbook. Some of them I love, some not so much, and the latter is why I haven't been brave to keep trying more.