Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'm a slacker!

I've been doing okay with my goals, just not posting here. We've had a very busy, hectic, sad, crazy, sick week. Thanks, mom, for being such a good cheerleader!

Points to date: (If you think you should have more, please let me know!!)
Dawn: 50+???
Jen: 203
Kadyb: 326
Kaje: 204+?
Kimbooly: 108
Stewie: 200

From week 3, I got 59 points + veggies goal = 74. From week 3, we had fast food twice (bah). We did try to get out as a family and ended up running through a rain storm from the car to a movie instead. lol. I'm not counting it for the points, but at least we all got together. I've been not so good about my snacking late at night again, so I only got 22 points for week 4.

1 comment:

  1. week 4...71 pts. i thought i'd be doing better :( i suck at this! that wasn't very positive was it? ok, i take it back.