Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Week 1 totals

Hey! Not everyone posted their points all week, so the break down is as follows (I'm not counting myself because I won't be giving myself the prize):

Kadyb: 63
Kimbooly: 48
Evita: 2 + ?
Jen: 81
Kaje: 14
Stewie: 97

I am going to be a nag and will email the last three ladies in a bit.


  1. We still want to see your points, I think! :)

  2. I was horrible last week, and I really didn't keep track. I give myself a 13 for Monday, but that's it for the week.

    However, week 2 is going to be awesome!

  3. Stewbert, thanks for introducing everyone to each other, I know it helps me when I'm not living close to any of y'all.

    Sorry I haven't posted my own week's totals, I've been off the computer a couple days.


    I'm actually going to have to change my goals from here out due to cramping the last two days (I'm now on bedrest, so no more crunches or walking right now). But all my goals are every day ones:

    1. Still no food after 9
    2. Go to bed (as in, scriptures read, prayers said, teeth brushed, IN bed) by 10.
    3. Only 1 serving of "dessert" (or any type of sweets) after lunch, and after dinner.
    4. (alternate goal if don't make one of the 3 a certain day? or does the alternate not work that way?) Two servings of veggies in a day.

  4. Stewbert, btw, we still want to see your point totals--it's motivating to see each other succeeding!

  5. psst. i'm stewie/stewbert, last one on the list. lol