Tuesday, June 2, 2009

kadyb week1 summary

Well, this is my first week summary. Sorry Stewie that I couldn't get onto the site last night to post.

My goals:
1. Get 3-4 servings of veggies every day - Nailed this!
2. Walk at least 20 min 4 days/week - Squeaked out 3 days. Not too bad, since my foot and back have been acting up.
3. Pack lunch for work at least 2 days/week, instead of buying those super-sized servings in the cafeteria - Managed to get this one done, too. Just barely.

And I met the bonus water challenge, too, in spite of the extra trips to the bathroom. :)

So, I think that makes:
Tuesday 5/26 - 13 pts
Wed 5/27 - 1 pt
Thurs 5/28 - 1 pt
Friday 5/29 - 1 pt
Sat 5/30 - 13 pts
Sunday 5/31 - 1 pt
Monday 6/1 - 13 pts
Bonus, water - 15 pts
Posting 3x - 5 pts

And Stew if I didn't do this right, feel free to correct it. I think the total is 63. Hmmm. I think I need some alternate goals for those other days...


  1. Alternate goal #1: No wheat products. I nearly wiped myself out over the weekend with a muffin and a sandwich on Saturday. This is a much needed goal to get me back on track with my gluten-free eating. My stomach will thank me.

  2. Good job Mama! Your total looks fine to me.

    Yes, your stomach will thank you. I have to go back to dairy free -- I'd added it per the pediatrician's suggestion to see if Mojo can tolerate it. I think he is getting another ear infection, though. So frustrating.