Friday, June 12, 2009

Kimbooly's dismal week 3 start

Yikes! Week 3 has also been a massive fail for me so far! Isn't it interesting how when you're already being weak in one area, it just snowballs to other areas?

Tues-0 pts
Stayed up very late, ate dinner after 9, and munched on candy all day. Had a very bleghy day.

Wed-0 pts
Made my new meal, but didn't get it in the oven until almost 8 pm, so I took the kids down to a fast food place for a mini-meal, and came back and tried the herb-roasted chicken about 9:30.
I did stay low on the sweets in the afternoon, probably only 1 serving total (a couple of little tootsie rolls and miniature candy bars that are part of my piano lesson treats, and I teach piano on Wednesday). But I started the morning w/ sweets for breakfast, made myself a bit sick.

Thurs-0 pts
I munched on sweets throughout yesterday morning (I try not to mention on *what* I'm munching to avoid tempting y'all, but it's usually hot tamales lately, sometimes a brownie/cookie/cupcake at someone's house; I don't make the latter myself or I'd eat all of them).
Went to bed VERY late again, after midnight. It just kills me the next day, which is half the reason I'm in such a slump!
Munched on sweets after 10 pm.

Here's to hoping today and the rest of this week I will do better! I at least had a normal breakfast this morning.

I love this challenge, it's helping me to make better choices, even if I did have a 3 day relapse.


  1. Friday--0 pts
    Still stayed up 'til midnight, munched on sweets, and only had 1 serving veggies the whole day.
    Saturday--0 pts
    Again! Was up til midnight, and ate at 11 pm, and had lots of sweets that day at a baby shower and recital and at home.
    Sunday--2 pts
    I had two servings sweets for breakfast, but no more sweets for the day.
    I didn't eat after 9 pm, even brushed my teeth abt. 8:30 pm. BUT, though I was in bed by 10, I didn't turn out the lights until nearly 11.

    Let's hope I do better today. : )

  2. Mon--still 0 pts. Sigh.

    But I think I do get 5 pts because I post/comment often. But no pts for the veggies. I wasn't good abt them at all.

  3. 7 pts??!!! I just counted my total for the week, and it really is dismal!!!

    Ok, must do better this week.