Tuesday, June 23, 2009

kadyb week4 summary

Thank goodness for second (or third, or fourth) chances! I hope you don't give up on yourselves if you mess up one day. Be patient with yourselves!

Here's my report for the week:
Tuesday - 13 pts
Wednesday - 13 pts
Thursday - 13 pts
Friday - 13 pts
Saturday - 13 pts
Sunday - 2 pts (Why is Sunday such a challenge? When you spend 3+ hours at church and then go visiting a neighbor (too far to walk), it always seems like something falls by the wayside. Like exercise. There should be a separate category with bonus points for developing sitting muscles...)
Monday - 13 pts


And I did get outside for a few minutes with the dog and the hubbers - 15 pts

Total for the week: 95

Ladies, we have just 1 week left on this challenge. I hope you're all able to meet your goals for the week. Hang in there!

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