Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Kaje's week 3 update

I'm feeling rather pressed for time, so here's my quick copy over from last week:

My goals are:

-Exercise 3-5 times a week
-Drink 64 oz of water a day
-Healthy food and snacks 5 times a week.

Tuesday: Made all 3 goals - 13 points
Wednesday: Made all 3 goals - 13 points
Thursday: Made 2 goals, (went out with friends and shared a creme brulee with Matt), but since I make my goals for the week - 13 points
Friday: This was my free day and since I made my goals the rest of the week - 13 points
Saturday: Made all 3 goals - 13 points
Sunday: Made all 3 goals - 13 points
Monday: man... I meant to work out, and I meant to drink water but I didn't. I did however eat well - no snicker-doodles that my mom served after dinner. But... since I did eat well, I get a point for eating well, and 1 point for making my exercising for the week. - 2 points

Total for the week: 95 points
80 for goals
15 for extra fruits and veggies
0 for posts, I don't think I got 3 in the week

p.s. - I have been making an effort already with another challenge I'm working on to eat 3 veggies a day and 2 fruits. I used this to complete the weekly challenge, but if you guys don't feel that's fair, please feel free to deduct the extra 15 points. :-)

p.s. again - for those who know me... i got engaged this last weekend! Nothing to do with the challenge... but I'm excited!


  1. Of course, first of all, CONGRATS!!

    2nd of all, if you're eating veggies as part of another challenge, IMHO you should *totally* get the points on this blog.

    I've been terrible abt the veggies, and have only had one serving a day on the days I've actually attempted eating veggies.