Sunday, June 7, 2009

I'm here, I swear - Evitafjord

Back to week 1: Wednesday 2 points, Thursday 2 points, Friday 13 points, Saturday 13 points, Sunday 13 points, Monday 2 points. We went out of town last weekend and I drank tons of water, walked and swam, and didn't cook any meals, so no tasting! I should go out of town all the time.

Week 2 so far: I haven't thought of a new goal yet so probably 1 point only for exercise on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Not so much water this week. Tasting actually may have been okay a day or 2 this week, but I don't remember - I just know I didn't do much cooking. Friday, we went swimming and got our pass for the summer - I even swam a lap of the pool besides playing with the kids, did some running and throwing of kids, etc. too. No tasting either Friday because no cooking. Yesterday, no tasting but also no water and no exercise. No tasting so far today and SE is cooking tonight, so hopefully I'll make that goal today. Better get on the water but probably no exercise since it's Sunday. Maybe I'll take the kids on a walk around the block, but probably not because we have scary dogs on the loose around here and it sucks. I hate living in the country. Goal for tonight - think of a 4th goal and figure out a healthy recipe!!

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