Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Stewie, week 2

Oh gosh ... I'm so embarrassed. Your fearless leader has failed week 2. lol.

I had fast food Monday. And I felt SO sick afterward! Like, I thought I was going to BE sick for hours. Why do we sabotage our own good health that way? Ugh. Truth be told, I watched my sister's kids on Saturday so she and her hubby could go on a date and I hadn't planned dinner ... so we ate leftovers out of their fridge, and the kids all picked first (because they can be picky, I let them). All that was left was some more fast food. Yuck, yuck, yuck. So I only got 5 points for this. (W,H,F,Sun,T)

If you recall, I got severely sunburned on Tuesday at the pool. We didn't make it outside again until Saturday, but I did go for a walk with the kids then. Took them to the pool again yesterday, no burns thank goodness. I only got 2 points for this (Sat,T)

The snacking goal ... went to heck as well. I don't even remember which nights I didn't snack after 10. How sad is that? So I'll take 0 points.

I didn't post a recipe (what the ...) and I don't think i posted OR commented either! MY STARS!

So, from 97 points the first week to SEVEN points this week. My goodness... see how easy it is once your routine is broken to let it STAY that way? My only saving grace is that this is, indeed, a new week. I'd better get outside and splash in rain puddles with the kids before naps.

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