Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Challenge

I challenge all of my readers who want more help/motivation in getting fit/fitter to join me in a contest. We'll start Tuesday May 26 (go have fun on your 3-day weekend) and go through June 30. Following the same rules as the contest I'm already in, everyone who wants to participate needs to choose 3 goals for yourself. This is the separate blog for this challenge, so post your goals over here in a response to this first entry. I will invite all responders on both blogs to participate in this blog so you can post at will. I'll explain the rules here

Choose 3 goals you want to work on for the duration of this program. You get a point for each goal every day. Any day you achieve all three goals, you get an extra 10 points. So you have the potential of getting 13 points every day. I'll be choosing 3 separate goals from the contest I'm currently in.

I'll also post a challenge on Tuesday night every week. Like, drink an extra glass of water every day this week. Or, eat one more serving of fruit every day this week. If you achieve the bonus, you'll get an extra 15 points.

If you post at least 3 times during that week, or post responses to the challenge blog 3 times during that week, you'll get an additional 5 points. You'll need to respond frequently with updated points; on Tuesdays, I'll post the point tallies for the week so make sure you've updated by then.

Here's an added incentive (in addition to feeling awesome and looking better!): I'll make a cute little Japanese knot bag for the person with the most points at the end of the contest (unless it's me, then the second place person will get it), in color/fabric of their choice. I'll show you pics of the fabric I have and you can choose from it. I'll post a picture of one when I can, but our other computer is in the shop and my photos are on it. As if that prize is not enough, *everyone* who participates will get a chapstick holder for their keychain. I've sold them for $5 each, so it's a pretty cool prize if I do say so myself. Participation means you actually have to DO the challenge start to finish, even if you miss a day or two here and there, can't just sign up to get the gift. haha. If anyone else wants to contribute a prize, you are more than welcome to do so; just let me know.


  1. My goals:
    1. No fast food. Period.
    2. Get outside with both kids every day, even if the first few days are just walking kiddo home from the bus stop (school gets out 5/29).
    3. No snacking after 10 p.m. (working nights bites that way).

  2. Still working on mine - but 1. is WATER!! Thinking on the other 2.

  3. my goals:
    1. exercise by running or doing strength training mon-saturday.
    2. no snacking after 10 p.m. (good one E!!)
    3. never drink an entire soda by myself again. i already drink tons of water but i gotta watch it with drinking sodas sometimes...especially around that time of the month! hahaha

  4. Whoa. Ok, scary to actually post goals, but this helps me to really try to stay on track (What am I saying???!!! This will help me to attempt to even *get* on track!!!). And I gasped out loud when I read Stewbert's fast-food goal. I'm not *that* brave yet!! But I'm so proud of you, Stewie!

    1. Exercise 15 minutes at least 5 days a week (excluding Sunday and giving me one "oops, didn't get to it today" day. Most likely will go walking. (If I do 30 min. on two of those days, I will post as though I walked 15 min. a day, every day, because I still want my points) ; )

    2. Do at least 30 crunches a day, every day.

    3. No more food (or goodies) after 9 pm.

  5. my goals:
    1. Be sure to get 3-4 servings of veggies every day
    2. Walk at least 20 min 4 days/week
    3. Pack lunch for work at least 2 days/week, instead of buying those super-sized servings in the cafeteria

  6. 2. Exercise at least 15 minutes a day (will bump this up after June 1st when we get our membership to the pool/gym).
    3. No extra tasting while cooking. From making cookies to making dinner, I often end up not very hungry by the time I get done cooking.

  7. ETA - End up not very hungry by the time I get done and still manage to eat the meal anyway.

  8. I'm a day late since I've been out of town, but better late then never, right??

    #1. Eat only healthy meals and snacks 5 days a week; ie. yogurt for breakfast, salad for lunch, something not fried or packaged for dinner. snacks like fruit, yogurt or crackers.

    #2. Drink 64+ oz of water a day.

    #3. Exercise 3-5 times a week. I have no idea for how long. :-)

  9. Absolutely better late than never! :)