Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I was all over the idea of this challenge a couple days ago, and on Memorial Day I did 30 crunches and didn't eat anything after 9 pm (which is and was hard for me, especially the sweets). Even though I wouldn't get any "points" for it.

But today was a diff. story. All three kids woke up coughing and congested, and everyone stayed home from school. To top it off, I've had a headache all day, and my ear hurts, even though I'm already on an antibiotic for strep throat. Ugh.

So tonight I nearly forgot, but about 7:50 I took the kids outside and walked around the block. It took us exactly 15 minutes because we took it easy.

It's nearly 9 pm now and I'm not eating anything, and I'm sipping my extra 8 oz water right now (I drink a LOT throughout the day, easily 64 oz--I'm a water girl--so I will make sure I get in my "extra" by specifically pouring at least 8 oz a day into a measuring cup and drinking it from there, on top of what I normally drink), and I even did my 30 crunches even though that's the last thing I wanted to do tonight.

So, woohoo, Stewbert. That's the point of things like this. If it were just me I'd say, "Who cares, we're all sick, I'll start this in a couple days instead."

But instead, I have 28 pts. for today. Yay!


  1. Good job! That is the point -- to make different choices that, hopefully, you can continue after the challenge is over!

    (p.s. that 15 point water bonus is for the week for doing it every, not every day).

  2. Oh, yeah. I forgot. Just kidding, not 28 points for me. 13 pts. I'll just keep up with the water, then.