Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday workout!

Hey ladies! Of those posting, y'all are doing a great job! I hope the ones who haven't posted as much are also doing well.

I didn't get my morning workout today, so after hubby went to work and the kids went to bed, I did a bit of toning per a routine Jillian Michaels suggested. Now, I can't lift weights because of a repetitive motion injury, but these exercises I *can* do. I had fun doing it, although the push ups were killing me by the end (hey, it's not easy to lift [censored] pounds!)

She outlined this as a "trainer tip" on this last season of The Biggest Loser.

Take a deck of regular face cards. The hearts will represent lunges (I did squats *and* lunges because I'm cool like that), diamonds are push ups, clubs are crunches, and spades are reverse crunches. I wrote them all on each card because I knew I'd forget. The aces represent a 1-minute break. For numbers 2 through 10, do that many reps of that exercise. Jacks, queens, and kings get 10 reps as well.

It'll take between 35 and 45 minutes, and since you don't know what's coming up, it doesn't get as old as some toning routines do, where you do the same number of reps for the same number of sets.

13 points each for Friday and Saturday for me! woooo!


  1. Woot! Good job! Very creative, too!

  2. Btw, 1 pt for me today; I didn't drink a lot of water (How does that work for the week? If we drink extra 5 days out of the week, is that enough for the bonus points? Just asking. : ))

    I definately walked for at least 15 min, and got my heartrate up (Thursday I did that walking at school open house, Friday while shopping for recital supplies, and this morning was TOTALLY from running around getting chairs set up at said recital).

    No crunches today. But tonight I came to the kitchen and snacked at 11, a conscious choice. But, since I am pregnant, I went with the hunger pains. The problem is, if I had gone to bed at 9 or 10, I would be asleep, and no hunger pains until morning! Up til tonight I haven't sabatoged (sp?) my "don't eat after 9" goal.

    This is harder than I thought! I hope to do better tomorrow, though I am counting my 15 min. of walking from Thurs. night, because I don't plan to walk tomorrow.

  3. 13 points for me Sunday. And they were HARD-earned. Rob made brownies that came out of the oven *after* 9 pm. It's still a miracle I didn't have any when they were warm and gooey.

    Did my crunches, plenty of water, counted my walking, and didn't eat after 9 pm! Whew!