Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I almost thought I wasn't going to be able to pack my lunch today, but at the last minute I remembered something I could take, so I did it. And I met my other two goals, too, of walking and having my veggies. Maybe I didn't write my goals well enough to allow scoring points every day; tell me if I need to edit, Stewbert. Now I'm off to drink my additional glass of water!


  1. PS. I guess this is 13 points. Is the bonus for drinking water 15 points for the week, or each day?? :)

  2. The bonus for water is for the week.

    The 10-point bonus is for meeting your 3 goals every day, so since one of yours is for 4 days and the other for 2 days, you would only get that bonus those days. Make sense? I did the same thing on my other challenge and added stuff so that I could get that bonus every day. hehe.

  3. Which means I amend my goals to be walking 15 min. EVERY day, not just 5 days a week. : ) Or do something equally exercising for 15 min., like you said.